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Tank Hetzer 15mm

German tank destroyer of World War II, built on the chassis of the Czech Skoda tank (in the Wehrmacht Panzer 38 (t)).

Armed with a 75mm cannon 7,5 cm PaK 39 L/48 and RKM (MG34 and MG42).

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  • Casting of high quality resin, durable and reliable.
  • scale 15 mm (1:100)
  • Approximate dimensions: height – 3,5, width – 12, length - 10 centimeters
  • KIT contains five parts: hull, barrel, left caterpillar, right caterpillar, RKM
  • Model for self glue and painting
  • We recomend wash model before painting
  • 3D design by Michał Lisiecki
  • Painting by Maciek Brzeziński
  • Produced and copyright by: Terrains 4 Games