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Walls - resin - 28 mm

Set of original cast resin depicting brick walls -  allowing yourself to make defense terrain or buildings element - such as a fence house, plot, cemetery.

This model is cast resin for self glue and painting.


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  • Casting of high quality resin, durable and reliable. 
  • Set contents  
    - 3 simple, long elements
    - element straight out of the gate 
    - 4 corner pieces
  • Dimensions of the single element: height: 1.6 cm x10 cm  lenght x 1.4 widht
  • The model is in the rough to be glue, painted  and suplemented with static grass and other craft supplies.
  • Before painting the model should rinse in warm water. 
  • To paint we recommend acrylic paints 
  • The terrain is made for battle games with 28-32 mm miniatures i.e. a scale such asWarhammer Fantasy Battle, Lord of the Rings, W40K, Chainmail, Confrontation or Warmachine.
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