Barricades Set - 3 pieces Maximize

Barricades Set - 3 pieces Premium

Barricades - heavy fortifications, dedicated to battle systems like Warhammer 40 000 or Warmachine

Set of three different Barricades formed from boxes, chests, barels, scrap or junks.

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  • The terrain is based on resin, completely painted.
  • Dimensions : height: 3 cm x 15 cm  lenght x 2 cm widht
  • Set contains: 3 models
  • The terrain is made for SF battle games with 28-32 mm miniatures i.e. a scale such as Warhammer 40 000, WFB, hainmail, Confrontation or Warmachine.
  • Ready to play - model is ready to go - no need to stick together or paint
  • A design protected by copyright