Barricades Set - 3 pieces - resin Maximize

Barricades Set - 3 pieces - resin

Barricades - heavy fortifications, dedicated to battle systems like Warhammer 40 000 or Warmachine

Set of three different Barricades formed from boxes, chests, barels, scrap or junks.

This models are cast resin for self painting


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  •  Casting of high quality resin, durable and reliable.  
  • Dimensions : height: 3 cm x 15 cm  lenght x 2 cm widht
  • The terrain is made for SF battle games with 28-32 mm miniatures i.e. a scale such as Warhammer 40 000, Warzone or Warmachine.
  • The model is in the rough to be painted  and suplemented with static grass and other craft supplies.
  • Before painting the model should rinse in warm water.
  • To paint we recommend acrylic paints
  • Pictures present painted models
  • A design protected by copyright