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Tournament Hill

The Hill is one of the most basic and primary gaming terrains.

The flat surface of the hill provides a stable arrangement for regiments. 

Ideal as a tournament base.

Good value for money.


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  • The terrain is made from hand-carved styrodur, based on HDF, suplemented with static grass
  • Pieces have been painted with acrylic paints using the basic modeling technique l
  • Approximate dimensions: height - 2, width - 22, length – 18 centimeters
  • Each piece is handmade and unique
  • Ready to play - our models are ready to go - no need to stick together or paint
  • The terrain is made for battle games with 28-32 mm miniatures i.e. a scale such asWarhammer Fantasy Battle, Lord of the Rings, W40K, Chainmail, Confrontation or Warmachine.