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Laser Cut RUINED CITY Set 28-32mm

Redesigned and improved.

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Destroyed and  damaged  buildings from Twentieth century.

Models designed by an architect, made with high attention to detail and finish - visible decorating the facade of windows and door frames. 

Model allows to set figures in the middle of the building.

Set allows to cover battle table 48" x 72"



    Large Ruins Set (12 pieces) x 1
    Ruined Large Factory Detailed    x 1
    Ruined Small Factory Detailed   x 1
    Ruined Townhouse Detailed   x 1
    Ruined Corner Townhouse Detailed   x 1
    Ruined Residential Block Detailed   x 1
  • Made of laser cut 3 mm HDF, to self fold and glue,
  • Laser Cut   - a series of terrain models to historical wargaming and modeling. The series currently consists of many different models of buildings, factories, blocks, sidewalks or streets and allows to create interesting and attractive urban battlefield.
  • The terrain is made for battle games in 28 mm scale such as Bolt Action and Warhammer 40 000