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  • Square Sci-Fi Tower (1)

    Towers are made from resin. Great addition to you tabletop games.  Kit can be stack on each other creating a tall tower or you can add bunker to close it up in unique way.

  • Stone Wall Set - 6 pieces

    Rock Stone Wall Set is perfect for historical games like Bolt Action or Saga (both of which we are huge fans) or can be used in Age of Sigmar or 40k. It's always good too have a set of those at hand to add extra line of sight blockers or just have a few random pieces around the table.

  • Runic Stones - Set of 5

    Set of Runic Stones casted in resin perfect for those Viking raids in game of Saga, Hail Caesar or other historical games from Dark Ages. Runic Stones can be used as a stand alone piece of terrain, part of bigger diorama, objective or as a scenery piece for a base.

  • Barbarian War Tent - Set of 2

    Barbarian War Tent is a resin cast that can be used in Historical Games like Saga, Hail Caesar or Black Powder. No one will forbid you from making a use of them for your army of Goblins in Kings of War or Age of Sigmar :)

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