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Polish producer of wargaming terrains.

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  • Burned Village set

    Large  Set of destroyed and ruined pieces - corners of buildings, dedicated systems at a scale of 1:100 battle of World War II.  Set allows you to create interesting space defense of the city. Model designed by the architect, made with attention to detail and finish - visible outline of decorating the facade of windows and door frames. Unpainted, ready to...

  • GAMING MAT 72"x48" Field Green - Perfect for your table - W40K WFB Bolt Action

    Designed for table 72 "x48" (dimensions 183 x122 centimeters) ideal surface for the game gives us a foam layer 3.5 mm and 2 mm static grass in Field Green color. Mat is made of static grass which allows to slide models over the smooth surface and pleasant color. The foam material always ensures a perfectly smooth playing surface to prevent damage of...

  • KTO Rosomak 15mm

    polish armored vehicle Rosomak, 15mm, resin, 11 parts, unpainted. 

  • KTO Rosomak 15mm Platoon (4vehicles)

    polish armored vehicle Rosomak, 15mm, resin, 11 parts, unpainted.  (4vehicles) 

  • Natural Hill

    The Hill is one of the most basic and primary gaming terrains. The flat surface of the hill provides a stable arrangement for regiments.  This natural-shaped hill is specially dedicated to skirmish gaming.   The terrain model is designed to balance beauty and reality. That kind of wargaming model is real enhancement and embellishment for your gaming....

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items