DESERT CITY From gamers for gamers.


We'd like to offer You arabic style desert city buidlings from 3mm MDF

you can easy assembly and use for any games and scales,

you can easy paint and customized as desired.

And much more - you can also decide what we'd need to prepare more or what changes make in basic project.



Basic Desert City Set in each scale consist of

  • large one-story building x 1
  • medium two-story buildings x 2
  • medium one story builidng x 3
  • smallone-story building x 4
  • fences/walls - 10 x straight element& 4 x corner element 

Final price with link to pre-order will be given early at Tuesday - but from our first calculation should be +/- $99 for 28mm and $49 for 15mm

Why Desert City ?

  • universal - available for many settings from fantasy through historical and modern to sci-fi and post-apocalyptic
  • timeless - buildings will fit to games you play and also to ones you'll play in the future,have removable roofs
  • variety of options - unpainted laser cut buildings / pre-painted laser-cut buildings / assembled & hand painted with textured walls
  • available to most popular scales - we start with 15mm and 28mm and would like to add 20mm
  • fits perfectly with our hand-made desert scenery like dunes or palm forest you can add to pre-order 

Why Pre-sale ?

  • if you order now you receive gifts fit to scale of your order - painted palm base with objectives/ mdf market booth/ painted small dune
  • allows us to receive better price for materials & production to offer the best price for you as we know how many set need to be prepared
  • save for you- you don't support project, you buy products - if we exceed the promised lead time you can ask for refund
  • pre-sale starts at Tuesday, August 18

What more?

  • good price for worldwide shipment by TNT
  • extra small building if you decide for payment by PayU (available for all bank cards / credit cards)
  • if the pre-sale is popular, we will prepare the buildings you asked about - mainly the mosque - and the others which most of You request. Those new buildings can be added to an already placed order
  • small valorising elements for games - on your request for sci-fi games and more - can be added to project
  • this project will not affect our work in the workshop and finishing already placed orders - we make painted, custom-made terrains as usual - as projects will be made by our friendly designer - we will supervise them and check that they agree with your requests. And production will be made in a reliable place equipped with a large number of laser cut machines
  • in our regular offer buildings will apear in late October in little higher price

How to proceed?

  • you need to make an order for items - set you prefer - scale and finishing and make payment
  • if new buildings like mosque, market square and more we announce during pre-sale you can easily add  to your already placed order for Desert City

What time of realization / shipping ?

  • pre-sale takes one week (until August 25)
  •  after pre-sale we pass your order to the cut - which should take about 4-5 weeks or little more depending on total quality +delivery (until October 10). Meanwhile we also prepare and pass to cut new buildings. And in our workshop startpreparing hand-painted gifts for you
  • we have all buildings in our workshop (about October 10-15)
  • we ship your order (we start about October 16)
  • if you chose TNT you receive order within few days after shipment. In Europe the same is for other couriers like GLS or DPD
  • we reserve 1-2 weeks to possibility of delay