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  • Sample Pack

    If you're not sure if our terrains are good to your games, would like to check quality or colors scheme before purchase you can order a free sample pack.Sample consists of: static grass pack scenics unpainted elements like boxes, barrels -randomly selected 4-6 items ready-to-play small terrains - rocks, fence, single tree -randomly selected 2 items One...

  • Desert Landscape - 10 items

      Desert style various dunes and bases. Terrains very well fit both to 28mm and 15mm scale and allows to create medium battlefield table.

    $39.00 $29.25 -25%
  • Ancient Desert Landscape - 11 items

      Ancient (or fantasy ) style obelisk and ruin with dunes and Palm Forest  in very unique set.

    $149.00 $111.75 -25%
  • Foothill Landscape - 8 items

      Medium foothill landscape - various hills with lake and forests

  • Mountain Landscape - 14 items

     Large terrain set in mountain style. Various rocks-tiny mountains and hillocks with forests. 14 terrain avaialble to create large battlefield table. Suit well both to 28mm and 15mm scale

  • Ruined TOWNHOUSE 28 mm - 2nd Generation

    Destroyed, 3-storey townhouse, from the first half of Twentieth century, dedicated to wargaming in 28mm scale and battles of World War II. Model designed by the architect, made with high attention to detail and finish - visible decorating the facade of windows and door frames. Model allows to set figures in the middle of the building

    $39.00 $27.30 -30%
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items