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  • Vineyard 15 mm painted

    Elegant 15mm Scale Vineyard: A Touch of Countryside Charm to Your Battle Step into a meticulously crafted vineyard, capturing the essence of rustic elegance in 15mm scale. Made primarily from MDF, this model is enhanced with static grass, vibrant trees, and a medley of craft details to lend it an authentic touch.

  • Vineyard 28 mm painted

    Picturesque Vineyard in 28mm scale.Journey into the heart of wine country with this meticulously crafted terrain piece. Crafted from durable HDF, this vineyard is accentuated with lush static grass, delicate trees, and other fine detailing materials. Each stroke of acrylic paint is applied with precision to emphasize every nuance and ensure the piece...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items