Review-unboxing FORESET Set

Review-unboxing FORESET Set

CONIFEROUS FORESTS SET from Terrains4Games - unboxing review

Forests are a standard / basic terrain feature found in all miniature games.

It obstructs the view, hides the troops and makes it difficult to fire.

Forests from T4G cost $ 79

orest set You can FIND HERE


Each forest stand is individually wrapped in stretch foil.

The trees and their corresponding stands are separately bagged in plastic.

For shipping, the entire set is securely housed in a cardboard box. The interior of this box is filled with protective padding, ensuring the contents remain undamaged. Additionally, tape reinforces the bottom and sides of the box, ensuring further protection. This tape wrapping at the base provides a safeguard, preventing potential moisture damage even if left outdoors by the delivery personnel.


Inside the package, you'll find 5 forest stands in a range of sizes: three of the stands are more expansive, while the other two are a bit more compact. The specific dimensions are approximately xxxx cm.

Included are 32 trees, showcasing 4 distinct sizes with the tallest reaching 11cm in height.

Every tree comes with its own dedicated base, allowing for mobility and customization on the stands.


The bases for the trees are crafted from resin.

Although it's challenging to pinpoint the exact number of stand designs, there are certainly no fewer than eight distinct variations.

The stands are differentiated to cater to trees of varying heights. Larger stands are intended for taller trees, while the smaller ones are designed for shorter trees. Each stand is adorned with static grass, featuring roots peeping out and sporadic stones. While the trees fit snugly into their designated sockets without the need for adhesives, I opted to glue the three larger ones for added stability. Setting them up is as simple as picking up a tree and positioning it.

Tree Design

The trees in our Forest Set are styled as classic pines, sourced from renowned brands like Heki or Faller. Their design features a wire trunk with branches intertwined, making them notably resilient. There are no delicate individual branches, meaning there's nothing on them that can easily break or fall off. The inherent green hue of the trees is commendable, but I'm contemplating whether a touch-up with an airbrush might enhance their color depth even further.

Stands/Bases for forests - they were laser cut and then processed by hand. The bases are 4mm thick, which means they are thicker than the standard ones used in 3mm MDF terrain, which makes them more durable. The stands are covered with 2mm high static grass. Juicy green (summertime tg4 color) dominates with local lightening of the dried grass with a slightly honey-yellow color. The grass is perfectly even.

You can see that electrostatics was used (flock ark)

The grass stands very nicely, it may sound funny, but it's nice to smack it :)


Because I play skirmish and regiment battlefields, forests with movable trees and a separate stand are the perfect solution for me.

When my regiment enters the forest, I rearrange the trees and, importantly, the outline of the forest will not change its location.

The forest stand is basically even, there are small stones in 2-3 places, but small enough that I can put Movement traya on them.

Nothing comes off, the trees on the bases are stable.

5 forests for a battlefield is quite a lot, and I definitely won't use all of them in every battle. Then the redundant stands can simulate a different area of the terrain.


stands for forests:

large length 30cm / 12 inches width 16cm / 6 inches

small: length 21cm / 8 inches, width 14-15cm / 5.5 inches

stands for trees:

large diameter 5cm

small with a diameter of 3-3.5 cm


large: 6 pieces - h 11cm

medium: 10 pieces 10cm

smaller medium - 9 pieces of 8cm

small  4 pieces 6.5 cm

mini 3 pieces 5.5cm

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