Web Page Language The subject of review Date Posted Source
Spikey Bits Factory District/Residential District 08.05.2017 video review
GrotOrderly Townhouse/Gothic City Ruin 24.01.2017 video review
Model Dads Bombed Hill 15mm
Trenches 15mm
Ruins 15mm
Inn deluxe
20.1.2014 video review
Akihibara Station Tank Destroyer Hetzer 15mm
Trenches 15mm
14,09.2013 review
Akihibara Station

Bombed Hill 28mm
Swamp SF/Post Apo
Ruins Starter
Ruins Premium


1.09.2013 review
War in Miniature Jagdpanther 15mm 6.10.2013 review
War in Miniature Hetzer 15mm 4.10.2013 review
War in Miniature T34/85 15mm 30.09.2013 review
War in Miniature Sherman Firefly 15mm 2.10.2013 review