About us

We've been providing terrain equipment for your gaming tables for several years. 

We are players and tournament organizers and we know that good terrains are "must have" and apart from the miniatures a requirement for good fun. 

That's why we create, produce and sell terrain models for battle games, historical dioramas, architectural models and scenery and tabletop terrain on request. 

We offer only high-quality terrains - the ones that we would like to use by ourselves.


We're family company based in Poland.

We offer hand-made, unique  products - terrains for wargame - 15mm, 20mm and 28mm, both painted, ready to play and unpainted resin or MDF terrain.

We create and produce many types of terrain and you can find something for historical wargaming in 15mm scale, Napoleonic Wars in 20mm and for many popular games in 28mm scale like Warhammer, Warhammer 40 000, Bolt Action.

We can also prepare custom terrain specially for you.

Heki diorama

HESCO system - custom diorama 15mm scale


EDYTA -  co-owner of Terrains4Games, head  of shipping and logistics.

I'm the one You talk to via Messanger, I  reply Your e-mails, add products to the store, publish posts on our Facebook Page and finally I carefully pack all terrain and parcels with Your orders.

At last but not least I also paint and finishing some terrains like tree bases, standard & basic terrain sets, fields, roads and rivers.

ANDRZEJ – co-owner of Terrains4Games, leader terrain designer and producer & terrain maker.

I prepare and finish most of terrains for You, I put grass on terrains and make gaming mats.



We have 16 years experience in making terrains.


You can see  our terrain at many events around the world

- like Crucible GT in Orlando, Adepticon, Hamburger Tactica and many others.

London Grand Tournament - United Kingdom, 2016
Crucible GT in Orlando - USA, 2019
Point Blank Games event
Point Blank Game demo - Germany, 2019

So that the terrains reach you safely, we pack them very carefully - we have many years of experience in packing and shipping worldwide and we challenge ourselves with such "hard players" as USPS, Poczta Polska and many others.

 If you have any questions please SEND US MESSAGE or talk to us Via MESSANGER

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