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  • Bombed Hill

    Hill - as one of the most basic and primary terrain for wargaming - provide you the must-have landscape. The bombed surface of hill allows create post-war style. This product will improve and decorate your gaming table as designed to balance beauty with reality. You don't have to do anything but buy it - it's ready to play.

  • Bomb crater unpainted

    Crater where battle has left its mark - well captures the atmosphere of the the modern or even future battlefield. The terrain model is designed to balance beauty and reality. That kind of wargaming model is real enhancement and embellishment for your gaming.

  • MDF Small RUINS Set - 28mm

    Small Set of destroyed and ruined pieces - corners of buildings, dedicated systems at a scale of 1:56 battle of World War II.   Set allows you to create interesting space defense of the city. Model designed by the architect, made with attention to detail and finish - visible outline of decorating the facade of windows and door frames. Model allows to set...

    $49.00 $39.20 -20%
  • Tree Trunks resin

    Set of 5 unpainted resin trunks.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items