COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Can I place an order?

Yes, you can make orders as usuall. Orders are processed within about 30 working days and we think that this is the time when the situation with shipments will change positively, especially that Poland is dealing with the epidemic situation relatively well. Now even looks like we will have little more time to prepare them - as to some countries we're temporary not able to send them we won't spend time on packing. Especially that Poland is dealing with the epidemic situation relatively well

Do you operate normally ?

The safety and well-being of all of us is top priority in those times. But as we are a small company company and our work does not require contact with other people, we'd like to work in the workshop as before - creating and making terrains.

Do you send now orders to... 

In normal times we ship orders worlwide

But now there are some changes

  • Europe - in European Union & UK we're able to ship parcels by DPD or GLS courier  or economy by Post
  • United States  - available only economy shipment by cargo ship - about 6-8 weeks to deliver
  • Canada   - available economy shipment by cargo ship ( 6-8 weeks)  & priority by air-mail (2-3 weeks)
  • Australia-  available only economy shipment by cargo ship - about 8-10 weeks to deliver
  • rest of the world - postal parcels sent by mail (both priority and economic) have been temporarily suspended.

When you send my order

We ship your order after preparation (about 30 working days) but depending on country you live in postal parcels cab be temporary suspended.  But we will send orders whenever possible

Is your terrains free from virus

Yes, of course, our terrains are safe. We use approved disinfectants, bactericidal preparations, we control our health and we feel perfectly good so far. Post & courer also need some time to deliver parcels and our terrains are safe


Do you ship to…

We ship worldwide and can send our terrains everywhere except the space station.

Each year we ship worldwide hundreds od parcels – most popular countries we ship to is US, Canada, Australia and of course Europe – UK, Denmark, France. We also ship to Russia, Thailand or Taiwan

When I receive my order

We offer hand-made products and need time to prepare each – usually about 20-30 working days.

To preparation time you’d need to add delivery – depending on country and shipment option could takes from few days to few weeks

How long does take shipment to go to:


  •         DPD courier – from 2 to 5 days
  •         GLS courier - from 2 to 5 days
  •         Post – from 5 to 15 days

USA & Canada

  •         Economy by cargo ship – 6-8 weeks
  •         Priority air mail – 10 to 20 days
  •         EMS express – 7 to 15 days


  •         Economy by cargo ship – 10-12 weeks
  •         Priority air mail – 10 to 20 days

Rest of the world

  •         Economy by cargo ship – 7-10 weeks
  •         Priority air mail – 10 to 20 days
  •         EMS express – 10 to 15 days


I received tracking numer but don’t know where to check

We use in Europe DPD courier and post. To ship outside Europe we use our post.

DPD tracking:

Post tracking:


I received tracking numer but it shows parcel is not moving

To most countries to which we send parcels, tracking shows the shipment history and the place where it is located. There are two exceptions:

USPS - they use a wrong method of tracking a parcel - the parcel appears as pending on the day it is sent from us and it is updated on carrier page only when it reaches the destination country - there is no information that the parcel is in transit.

Australia - the mail does not provide tracking for the shipments we offer.

In both of these situations, you can track packages on our post office page:


Why it takes so long to receive order

We need time to prepare each order. We offer high quality hand-made terrains and we’re small family company and we’re able to prepare each week limited amount - by time and work possibilities. Then carrier also need time to deliver your order.

Who will deliver my order?

We ship in Europe by DPD courier or post.

To ship outside Europe we use Polish Post – and you’ll receive parcel from your national post – like USPS in US, Canada Post in Canada etc.

Will the terrains be securely packaged?

We have been sending terrains for several years - including abroad for five years. We have extensive, many years of experience in the safe packaging of delicate items.

Of course, with long haul it can happen - and very rarely we have information that it happens that a bush peels off somewhere or something breaks off, etc. - but these are minor "damages" that customers cope with – fixing detached element with glue or painting damages with the right paint.

What to do if your shipment is lost

Missing  package is very rare - out of several hundred shipped in a year - 2-3 shipments are lost. To talk about the loss of a parcel - some time must pass - because the post office sometimes has considerable delays (especially around holidays, Black Friday, etc.) - for a priority parcel it is 30 days, an economic parcel 2 months. We file a complaint after the period in which the parcel should be delivered - if you attach a signed statement sent by e-mail that the parcel did not reach you - we will be more confident and faster.  We will wait 2 weeks and regardless of the reply from the carrier  we will send your order again.


What to do in case of damage to the shipment

The destruction of a package is very rare - less often than disappearance - in fact, we do not remember when and whether it happened at all.

To make a complaint, we need a photo of the damage and a statement of content damage sent by email.

We make a complaint and in the meantime prepare and send damaged products again



Can you paint terrain in different color than presented on photos?

We can customize a significant number of terrains. Depending on the terrain and changes that would be made, the service will be included in the product price or additionally payable. Contact us for details.

Do you offer commission works

Yes, we do.  We require payment in advance (shipping can be paid later).  Delivery time (depending on the season  and other orders)  30-60 days

Can I find your terrains in …

Our partial terrains offer is available in the United States (Griffons Lair) and in Ireland (Hobby Mad)



How can I contact with you

You can send us message by e-mail or by Facebook:

I made an order but haven’t heard from you since week

From our webstore you should receive automatic confirmation. If you’d like to hear or know more from us please send us message

I sent message and haven’t received answer

We try to respond to emails and messages on Facebook on a regular basis on business days. However, if you don't get a reply within 48 hours, send it again - maybe the earlier one got stuck in spam or was overlooked by mistake