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  • ROCKSY Standard Battlefield Set - 16 elements

    Large Set of 16 different Rocks allows you to create unique Battlefield with some Line of Sight Breakers  Excellent set as the  tournament base for clubs and individual players. Set is enough to cover battlefield 48"x72" with many terrains Available in three versions of finish 

    $55.00 $49.50 -10%
  • Gothic ruined city 28mm

    Very unique Ruins in climatic Gothic style. Dedicated to wargaming in 28mm (1:56) scale and games like Warhammer 40 000 or  Bolt Action. Models designed by an architect, made with high attention to detail and finish - visible decorating the facade of windows and door frames.

    $90.00 $81.00 -10%
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items