DESERT CITY Set - 10 building unpainted 28mm scale


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Set of urban desert buildings from 3mm MDF in 28mm scale. 

You can easy assembly and use for any games and scales, you can easy paint and customized as desired.

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Are you the only one constantly asking yourself:

Here's how to create a desert city table that fits to many games from fantasy, historical and modern, to science fiction and post-apocalyptic.

Buildings designed and tested by us will fit to the games you are playing right now and possibly the ones you will be playing in the future.

The buildings have removable roofs, they are easy to assemble, and after gluing by appropriate painting you can adapt them to any games according to your needs.

Dear player, don't you think of a timeless set of building mockups that will be suitable for many games.

Here's what we have for you

A solution perfectly suited to the needs of players - Desert City mockup set in a 28mm scale

What do we propose?

Set of urban style desert buildings from 3mm MDF in 28mm scale.

We designed and tested the buildings to guarantee you high quality, but most of all playability and the possibility of using it in various settings

Here's what you'll find in  Set Desert City 28mm:

  • large two-story building x 1

  • medium two-story buildings x 2

  • medium single story building x 3

  • small one-story building x 4

  • fences / walls - 10 x straight element and 4 x corner element


  • Large two-story buildings - 32x28cm / 14 cm height in highest point
  • Medium two-story building - 28x12 cm / 13 height in highest point
  • medium one story building - 17x 12cm / height 7.5 cm
  • small one story building - 12x12 cm / height 7 cm

If you feel that this proposal is for you, see the list of benefits

  • universality - buildings are suitable for many games, from fantasy, through historical and modern, to science fiction and post-apocalyptic
  • timeless - buildings will suit the games you are playing as well as those you will be playing in the future
  • Removable roofs allow buildings to be used in a variety of scenarios
  • buildings perfectly match our desert terrain, such as dunes or a palm forest
  • buildings are easy to assemble and paint

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Who is it for? 

  • The perfect set as the basis for a tournament base for clubs and individual players.
  • We recommend it to all players looking for desert buildings easy to assembly
  • Buildings will only work with a scale of 28mm - are you looking for a different scale? please take a look here
  • You do not have time to glue and paint? - check here here and choose a set ready to play

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