Mini Hills - 2 elements


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The Hill - as one of the most basic and primary gaming terrain - provide you the must-have landscape for your wargaming.

The flat surface of the hill allows you stably put regiments or single minis.

Set contains two small Hills.

Terrain will improve and decorate your gaming table as designed to balance beauty with reality.

You don't have to do anything but buy it - it's ready to play


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  • The terrain is made from hand-carved styrodur, based on HDF, suplemented and enriched with static grass, flock and other craft supplies;
  • Pieces have been carefully painted with acrylic paints to bring out detail
  • Approximate dimensions: height - 2, width - 10-12, length – 10-12 centimeters
  • Each piece is handmade and unique
  • Ready to play - our models are ready to go - no need to stick together or paint
  • The terrain is made for battle games with 28-32 mm miniatures i.e. a scale such asWarhammer Fantasy Battle, Lord of the Rings, W40K, Chainmail, Confrontation or Warmachine.

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