DESERT CITY Set - 10 buildings unpainted 15mm scale


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Arabic style desert city buidlings from 3mm MDF in 15 mm scale

You can easy assembly and use for any games and scales, you can easy paint and customized as desired.

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Basic Desert City Set in each scale consist of

  • large two-story building x 1
  • medium two-story buildings x 2
  • medium one story builidng x 3
  • small one-story building x 4
  • fences/walls - 10 x straight element & 4 x corner element 


  • Large two-story buildings
    - height 78mm (in highest point) / 42mm
    - base 180x160 mm
  • Medium two-story building -
    -height 72mm (in highest point) / 42mm
    - base 156 x 81 mm
  • medium  building - height 42mm, base 106 x 71 mm
  • small square building -  / 70 mm length and 42mm height - dimension of base 71x71mm

Builsing unpainted, unassembled, need assembly and painting

Easy to assembly & painting

Why Desert City ?

  • universal - available for many settings from fantasy through historical and modern to sci-fi and post-apocalyptic
  • timeless - buildings will fit to games you play and also to ones you'll play in the future,have removable roofs
  • variety of options - unpainted laser cut buildings / pre-painted laser-cut buildings / assembled & hand painted with textured walls
  • available to most popular scales - we start with 15mm and 28mm and would like to add 20mm
  • fits perfectly with our hand-made desert scenery like dunes or palm forest you can add to pre-order 


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